JAMmed studio

Mural for the City of Yellowknife

Jessica McVicker

After a call out for artists from the City of Yellowknife in May I (Jessica A. McVicker) was eager to be a part of beautifying the city. We were supposed to decorate either large or small transformer boxes situated around the city. I chose a ridiculously detailed design and gave them my proposal. Not long after I received word that I would be a part of the City's project among 11 other talented artists.

Finally, after many weeks of working on the mural, I managed to finally finish the project this past weekend. It took forever and it was a struggle using the outdoor variety of paint. Phew! It took me 24-36(?) hours to complete which is a long time for me.

The mural is situated behind the courthouse in Yellowknife. As I worked on it lots of people would honk and give me the thumbs up as they drove by which was both fun and unnerving. Many people also stopped to talk with me and gave me wonderful feedback which I really appreciated! Thank you everyone for giving me your generosity of spirit and support during this grueling project!

The mural is a view from the vantage point of Pilot's monument. As you traverse around the box it is as though you are surveying the land from the high up peek that old town has to offer.