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Now You See Me Art Show

Jessica McVicker

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now you see me 3.jpg

The "Now You See Me" art show was about abuse of all kinds, the results of it, and the phenix rising from the ashes. It was designed to instil hope for those who are suffering and to help spread understanding of the pain that exists in the world and also the beautiful conclusions we can come to when we find healing within ourselves.

now you see me 1.jpg

The project consisted of 28 paintings which were mostly 24"x36". I had been wanting to do something like this project for nearly 15 years. After getting a NWT Arts Council Grant I finally got the nerve to pursue it. 

"Now You See Me" was biographical, uncomfortably so. During its creation I had waves of depression, blossoms of rage, sadnesses and fears bubbling to the surface. It was incredibly difficult to clamber onto the opposite shore: completing all these pieces and then presenting the work accompanied by an intimate discussion detailing the meanings behind the metaphorical artwork. I was pulling myself inside out and showing off all the ugly and beautiful bits. In the end I am glad I did this. This project has been the most meaningful thing I have ever done in my life. After I completed it I felt at peace.