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Commissions are a precious treasure to have forever

Commissions are special. They reflect not only the artist but also the person the painting is for. They are extremely precious and can be about a significant event, person, pet or fantastic landscape. Nothing is out of Jessica McVicker’s grasp and all subjects for commissions are welcome. Pricing can be unique in case of a commission and determined by how difficult the subject and also by size.

city of yellowknife.jpg

Landscape Commissioned piece

Painting of Yellowknife from the vantage point of the famous “Pilot’s Monument”. Commissioned by the City of Yellowknife for Mark Heyck in 2018.

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commissioned portrait.jpg

Portrait of the Former Yellowknife Mayor

Commissioned portraits are a wonderful gift or keepsake to have. They are a memory that will remain in the family for generations. There are many wonderful subtleties in capturing a person’s likeness and character and it takes a huge amount of skill and time to achieve but the efforts are well worth it.

German Shepard.jpg

Pet Portraits to remind us of our furry friends

Pet portraits are tricky but always my favourite kind of commission. Every dog, cat, budgie has uniqueness of look and personality and pet portraits are a lovely way to remind us of our animal companions.