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Isa, A Show about Ice by Karen McKinley

  • JAMmed studio 4190 50 Avenue Yellowknife, NT, X1A 1C4 Canada (map)

Dates and Times: Show & Sale opens March 3rd, 4th, & 7th, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Limited showing of Karen’s work continues till March 31st
Location: JAMmed Studio, YK Centre Mall lower level (across from Gourmet Cup)

This March in the spirit of the Snow Castle festival Karen McKinley is showing off her artistic photographs of ice at JAMmed studio.

Here is what Karen has to say about her work:

Cold and ice has always fascinated me.
It's hypnotic being on the land in the grip of winter, where all you hear is your own heart beating and the only motion is the occasional breeze and your breath turning to frost on your face.
I named this show after the ancient Nordic practice of casting runes, which are stones carved with symbols to predict the future and communicate with the gods and forces of nature.
In runes the Isa symbol means stillness, or stasis. It was believed ice could trap energy and bring life to a standstill. It also represents focus. I've spent countless hours staring through my viewfinder waiting for the perfect moment, whether that be a change in light, angle or motion. In the split second it takes to hit the shutter there are long periods of patience and stillness leading up to it, just me and my subject.
Photography is about stopping time, freezing a moment into a physical memory. Not all of these images are about winter, they are about preservation of what I see around me so I can bring that perspective to you, and hopefully a greater understanding of the physical world around us.

Find out more about Karen and her photography by checking out her online gallery and shop, her Facebook page and/or her twitter account.

 One of Karen's artistic photos of ice.

One of Karen's artistic photos of ice.